FAM NC Chairman Mohamed Shaweed: `The purpose of FAM should be for inclusion and equal opportunities.’

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  • / Posted March 14, 2016

On Press conference of FAM Normalization Committee Chairman, this took place today at FAM House board room;

NC Chairman FAM Mohamed Shaweed saidNC was appointed to normalize the FAM. The main agenda was to reform FAM's statutes.

Before the reforms, it was bits to create an environment to bring the reforms. Which was uniting the football family? Strengthen the clubs financially and administratively. In this manner, premier clubs were given MVR1.5 million; second division was given MVR 78k and 3rd division given MVR 50k.

As I look back today, the financial support has had a huge impact on the season and to the clubs. The competitiveness increased, clubs had no financial burden as they were able to pay the monthly salaries of the players and the players were satisfied. All these were portrayed on the field with players giving their best.

The financial support was also marked by another milestone. Previously as they had financial difficulties, the clubs were very vulnerable and they easily provided a proxy to a third party to represent at the congresses. However, I believe that with the NC support, chairmen of the clubs were able to represent their club at the congresses.

With the help of FIFA and AFC we held meetings with all the stakeholders to reform the statutes. It included sports minister, clubs, women footballers, referees, lawyers, sport and home ministry personals, former players and etc

Though statutes was the main task, we were given the amendment to smooth running of the normal activities of the football in Maldives. Thus, we decided to hold an international club tournament with 2 foreign clubs and 2 local clubs. The aim was to provide an opportunity for the local clubs that play AFC Cup. Further it was a tournament completely for the FAM's social responsibility activity. Which we distributed the ticket money to 6 NGOs.

Moreover, the islands are a very dear part of me. I took the responsibility of promoting the island football as majority of the national team and the top clubs consists of players from the islands.

As a result I introduced atoll tournament with the name "Minivan50 championship". The aim of the tournament was to provide a platform for the players from the islands to showcase their talents. To provide development to the island stadiums and we managed to build changing rooms in all the islands that did not have proper changing rooms (58 islands). The requirement to participate was to have one team representing one island. The importance of this requirement is to make the citizens of those islands to be united and today, I am extremely happy to say that almost all the youths in the islands are united no matter their political views.

The period of NC could be summed as a period that the FAM met with numerous hurdles. Hurdles that was not easy to pass. One important struggle was the incident of the national stadium pitch which was completely dead after the Independence Day celebrations

Due to it; we had to relocate the teams to atolls to play the president's cup. This was a major event that occurred in the islands. The top players and clubs were playing the most prestigious tournament. This was a boost to the clubs as they had the opportunity for the players to be united as a family.

I believe in equal opportunities for gender. This is a major part of the FIFA reforms as well. In our discussions with FIFA and AFC, we have managed to give voting rights to women in voicing out at the decision making body. I also made sure that it is specified on the statutes that at least a woman should represent in the executive committee. Moreover, I'm proud to say that for the 1st time in the history, a female Maldivian occupies a seat at the AFC women's committee.

5th September 2015, should be marked as a day that Sun rose to a new life of football in the Maldives. The adoptions of the statutes have way to all the stakeholders of football. It gave voting rights to 44. The women, referees, futsal and beach soccer, veterans, youth academies, current players, atoll football can raise their voice and had the rights on making decision at the most beloved sport's congress. This was a success to all football loving Maldivian's. The adoption of the statutes was referred as remarkable and exemplary by FIFA and AFC. The day was highlighted as a day that our football family was very united and together longing for a better future of the game

However, after this day, we saw the darkest days of football with the interference of the government. I clearly know the stand of the President. He is from the sports background who positions sports and youth very dear to his heart. He does not want any sports to be interfered by the government or politicians. He ensures that the role of the government has to be to facilitate the sports and to let them grow and succeed.

With various obstructions from the government, the registration of the statutes was stopped and it ended the elections congress being held. The obstruction was something that was never seen from government authorities before. They went out of their mandate to stop the election. This showed that some of the government officials were playing a game with the oppositions.

With the halt of election, FIFA and AFC decided to suspend Maldives from all events related to them. However, the magnitude of the suspension may not be realized by many. It means we will leave the World Cup qualifies and all international tournaments. It means our oldest and most successful clubs such as new radiant and Maziya has to stop playing the AFC cup. All these would have had a huge downfall of Maldives football. With these on mind, I decided to fight for it, gave them to word that I will negotiate with government authorities and come to terms with them in order to create a win win situation. With lots of hard work, we came to a solution. We all agreed that the statutes passed on 5th September 2015 had no issues but government recommended to add 3 clauses which were on the association's act of Maldives.

All these included and we called for another extra ordinary congress. The amendment by member club has oppressed the rights of many. They have taken away the rights of the atoll football clubs. They have removed the rights given to the women in football. They have removed the interest groups power to represent them in the Congress. The adopted statute has reduced the voting rights from 44 delegates to 29.

These amendments, has given the power back to few group of people. I believe the top clubs has done a lot to Maldives football but the purpose of FAM should be for inclusion and equal opportunities. The stakeholders of football have a huge part to play in a successful and comprehensive football season. We should not take away the opportunities for them to develop and succeed. FAM should and will always have the interest of every single person, club or element at the core of service. FAM is cannot be high jacked by few and rule in favor of the few. FIFA and AFC are continuously advocating protecting and serving the stakeholders of football.”

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